BrightHouse & LG Are Smart With TV’s On Easy Credit

LG smart tvs at brighthouse on easy credit

What's So Smart About Smart TV's At BrightHouse?!

BrightHouse always like to keep up to the minute with new technology and this LG is a good example of what's happening in the world of TVs & computers and what they call "convergence". (In other words they have come together.)  What's really smart is the fact that these beautiful Ultra slim design TV's - and the LG Smart TV comes in 37", 42" and a whopping 47" - are all available on NO DEPOSIT, easy weekly payments credit!  Details of BrightHouse Credit here...

The key on these lovely big sets is that the internet comes directly to the big screen in your home, without the need for a computer.  You can get all your favourite shows with the BBC iPlayer and Freeview HD - that's the TV bit - but you can also get to your friends on social site,  watch YouTube videos, download apps from the LG App store, get to your favourite websites with the on-board web browser.

If you're kitted up you can also get your  music and videos (and photos for that matter) from your PC laptop or Smart Phone direct to the big screen thanks to LG Smart Share.

And the picture is tip top bang up to spec with LED TV for a sharper, highly detailed picture with higher quality and superior contrast. It's full HD 1080p picture quality (for the technically minded)... with TruMotion 100Hz which reduces blurring on fast moving scenes.

Plus you save money on electricity bills with a 40% power consumption saving vs. an LCD TV

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